Saturday, January 12, 2008

Vanessa Hudgens is signed by Sketchers for $1 million

Vanessa Hudgens is back in news, after full frontal nude self portrait and lesbian video tape scandal, Vanessa Hudgens is back but with a sensible news. The High School Musical star has been signed by Sketchers trainers for its advertising campaign. But, as Disney turns its back to her, she may lost High School Musical 3. Supposedly Disney has dumped her, but the lady herself is denying the accusation.

After Vanessa Hudgens photographs broke out in the internet, it was rumored that Sketchers may step back. But the deal materialized and Vanessa Hudgens been signed up for the brand for a cool a $1 million deal. The 18 year old star will replace singer Ashlee Simpson.

The controversial picture has certainly made her more popular as they say there is no publicity like negative publicity. People of all ages thronged into the Internet for a uncut uncensored leaked photo of Vanessa Hudgens.

Bottom Line is Sketchers will be benefited more with the lady now. And believe my word, Disney may sack her for the tape but they will be fool enough if they do not capitalize on this new Paris Hilton with substance.

Update: Is Disney in double mind?

Stripping off is now paying off?

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