Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ty Keck at the Moments of Truth: nothing extraordinary

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Ty Keck, an ex footballer became the first contestant in the Moment of Truth Show which is supposed to dish out scandal and opportunity in front of the reality show starved America in a new avatar.

How fun is it to watch, Moment of Truth, I don’t know, at least I am not amused.

So, what question this former footballer has to face (Ty Keck at your left with his wife Catia)

"So, you're from a small town, huh? Small town guy with small town values, right? So.... (music ratchets up) Question 3: You ever hit a car and not leave a note?"
The answer, of course, is yes, and more than once. And that's one of the early questions... things get tougher later. Ask a guy "Have you ever had sexual relations with someone on the day you met them?" (Hint: He's a professional athlete) and the answer isn't that big a deal. But ask him in front of his increasingly enraged wife? That's entertainment! I particularly love the way that anyone caught in a lie goes home with nothing but angry friends and family. And yes, people do get caught in lies. Oh, yes they do. Link

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