Saturday, January 19, 2008

Get Fit with Pilates- Shoulder exercise

pilates-shoulder-bridge tote bag stand foam
pilate exercises instructions Shoulder Lift therapeutic exercise
This is one more in the series of exercises that help heal a ‘bad neck’.

Shoulder circles

Preparation: Stand up tall and pull the powerhouse in to support the movements. Lengthen the spine and let the arms hang comfortably by your side.

Action: Pull your shoulders back ‘tweezing’ (bringing together) the shoulder blades together. Lift your shoulders and circle them forward as you bring them towards the ears. Circle your shoulders forward and bring them back and complete five rounds this way. Remember, if you had paintbrushes sticking straight out of your shoulders, you could paint circles in this manner. Now bring the shoulders back to the centre and prepare to reverse the circle. Push the shoulders forward and circle up, pulling the shoulders towards the ears. Circle back ‘tweeshoulder-exercise-zing’ the shoulder blades together and repeat this five times.

Benefits: This will ease out the neck, shoulders and back immeasurably. Be aware of every movement and do not rush to complete a circle. One very important aspect in the healing process is our sense of control.

We complete the series of healing a ‘bad neck’ that is unable to move in a full range of motion. Next week we move on to the lower back.


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