Monday, January 28, 2008

Father daughter magical shoe

Cute cute cute. Sweet. This wonderfully soft looking shoe is meant for those toddlers who are yet to learn a walk. Those cheweet cute kids will walk with his or her papa when he is back from office. While embracing its lilliputian fingers proud papa will walk the ramp on the home floor. Thop thop thop, here they go, by the aquarium, inside the study room, next to window, while tickling the wind chims.

As BoingBoing mentions, meant for some serious dancing between papa and the daughter, created by Finnish artists Huopaliike Lahtinen and Haraldin kenk�, this shoe, this magic shoe is meant for some magic moments. I wish, if my papa got a shoe like this. Where were you Huopaliike Lahtinen and Haraldin kenk�, twenty five years ago.

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