Friday, January 25, 2008

Conventional Colonoscopy And (Vs)Virtual Colonoscopy

Cost of colonoConventional-Colonoscopy-Virtual-Colonoscopy-50+-fifty-plus-flat-lesions-invasive-colon-cancers-radiation-exposurescopy may depend from place to place. Cost of virtual colonoscopy however is lower and varies between $400 and $600. But there are many doctors who believe that virtual colonoscopy does not yield as good result as conventional flexible colonoscopy for finding out clinically significant polyps and cancers. Also flat and small polyps are not visible with virtual colonoscopy. In the process some of the flat polyps can be remained out of sight. Though, very rarely these flat lesions become invasive colon cancers. It also exposes the patient to radiation exposure, which may be a concern for complicated 50+ persons.

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