Monday, January 28, 2008

Ad slowdown: Google has plans ready for long term

Advertising executives may be a worried lot following threats of domestic advertising spending going down across US in 2008, but Google ad managers seem least bothered about the probable slowdown even though Google�s 99% revenue comes from its advertising wings.

While speaking at a UBS media event in New York, Tim Armstrong, Google�s sales chief looked quite indifferent when asked by media people whether the possible slowdown will hit Google adversely especially when it has serious plans for buying and selling ads for TV, radio and print medium.

Why Google seems least bothered about short term predictions because it has long term strategy in store. Quoting him, “This is a two-, three-, five-year product we’re going to work on� Search really took us two-and-a-half years to get up and running on a large level. These may take us a little longer, because they’re bigger businesses with more history behind them.”

And why Google should be worried about the possible ad slowdown. Isn�t it diversifying also into anything that is internet related? We have seen in last month while posing threat to Facebook it has extended its base into cell phone arena.

So aggressive Google towards its expansion that now it is looking beyond Doubleclick and reportedly is planning an integrated ad selling platform for all the media. The venture may take up to five years.

Its obvious why Google is not as bothered as major newspapers and magazines over the US ad slowdown.

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