Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What’s Mauj to do with Ram Gopal Verma and Karan Johar?

Ram Gopal Verma describes Karan Johar’s "Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna"(KANK) a Horror Movie

Karan Johar calls RGV’s ‘Naach’ a Comedy Caper.

There may be a secret langoti WWF style wrestling going on between Karan Johar, the clichéd and blunt family poetic guru (who understands women better than any real man in the world, yes, you got that right) and self acclaimed maverick, Ram Gopal Verma, famous for his assembly line ‘Factory’ production, but one platform that brings the two is Mauj, telecom mobile content provider.

Leading technology magazine Red Herring today acknowledged wireless solutions firm Mauj as Red Herring Asia 100 Winner This is an award programme that recognises the most promising private technology companies in the region. Red Herring has received more than 600 submissions and nominations from across countries in Asia.

You must be wondering how Mauj has able to achieve this feat.

1. Is it the last three years it has established it as the numero uno brand in the mobile entertainment business in India. You are wrong.

2. Is it successfully raised $10 million as investment from names like Intel Capital, Capital Partners and Sequoia Capital? You are wrong.

3. Is it because...Mauj has signed an exclusive deal with Miss World Organization as a Global Mobile Partner for The 56th Miss World 2006 to be held in Warsaw in Poland? You are wrong again…

Mauj is a winner only because it has been able to bring in both the seriously quarreling super stars in one platform. Mauj has partnered with RGV for movies like Bhoot, Vaastu Shastra, Sarkar, D, Ab Tak Chappan. Even after committed such a crime (Why Crime? Because akka Mumabi KJ ka ilaka hain. Ask Karan Johar why all the orchestrated bad publicity came to media about Omkara, which released a week ahead of KANK. Ask Karan Johar why again all the orchestrated bad publicity is coming to the media about Ahista Ahista, which released a week later to KANK, so even after committing a crime of partnering with RGV that is, Mauj has successfully brings Karan Johar on board and launched an exclusive range of content of Kabhie Alvida Na Kehna (KANK) through a java application that introduces the characters of the movie to mobile consumers. Along comes KANK ringtones, wallpapers, themes, colour logos, animation, dialogues, video ringtones and movie-based games which are available with all Indian cellular operators.

So, before you ask ‘how dares he’ Mauj has been adjudged as theRed Herring Asia 100 Winner’, If not us, those firangis have realized the soundless renaissance it has created.

The bottom line is, more than Shahrukh-Karan Johar-Yash Chpora camp, Mauj is more monopoly. I am sure very soon it is going to be charged as breaking Monopolistic Restrictive Trade Practices (MRTP) Act.

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