Thursday, August 31, 2006

Don--Music Review, why Shaan not Sonu

Don’s title track has been sung by Shaan. That’s the topic of discussion today, my dear students.

First, two things that struck me (but did not struck the box office when they released, Alas)

1. Jodi of Shahrukh Khan and Shaan. A complete flop. Remember 'O Re Kaanchi?' Asoka (SRK’s Oscar effort to defeat Aamir Lagaan Khan) did not make people berserk.

2. Shahrukh’s own voice, as playback singer (Apun Bola) also did not cut much ice earlier in ‘Josh’ (Don’t ask me was that a futile and desperate effort from the stammering Khan who was running after the success of Aamir Ghulaam Khan, I dunt know, 'Ay Kya Bolti Tu?')

You will discover both the flop histories are repeating themselves in 'Don'. Why Shaan is preferred over Sonu Nigam (or Nigaam, Niggaanm, Niiggaamm, a la vastu pundit), the guy who has rendered innumerable hits? Some possible reasons,

1. 'Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna' sank and sank. The title track singer (Sonu) can't shrug off his responsibility. You are only as good as your last weekly progress report at the box office. Sonu ( I presume) is been replaced at the very last minute, just before the release of the music. Sonu yet has some time in hand ( I presume), before the release of Don if he can again pulls off another chartbuster from any which film, he may be called back right on the title track, you never know.

2. Sonu-Shahrukh jodi has become somewhat cliché. (Just imagine Sonu in Shahrukh’s lips, (Karan Johar are you listening), 'Haay, tumse milkey dilka yeh jo haal')

3. Shahrukh is aging. Shaan is more energy than Sonu. The aged superstar wants the ‘bishlyakarani’ (you don’t know what ‘bishlyakarani’ actually is? The medicine that Hanuman supposed to bring from the Vindhya mountain)

4. Don is no glorified Ssas-Bohu soap. Sonu suits better there.

5. Shaan is director Farhan Akhtar’s favorite. Right from Dil Chatha Hain (Koi Kahey) to Lakshya (Mein Aisa Ku Hoon) Farhan features Shaan.

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